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Air Abrasion
Air Abrasion works with compressed air and small silica particles, gently removing diseased tooth structure, without the need for injections or drills.

This advanced piece of computer hard and software enable us to avoid any uneven contact on teeth and restorations, protecting teeth, restorations and implants from overload and fracture/failure.

Joint Vibration Analysis is used when you have problems with your jaw joint. By analysing vibrations in the joints during function, an accurate diagnosis of the problem can be made and appropriate and effective treatment can therefore be prescribed.

Dental Microscope / Dental Loupes
Depending on the procedure, we either use a dental microscope, or dental “loupes” to magnify teeth and gums. This improves the accuracy and quality of dentistry immeasurably.

Mouth (Intra-Oral) Camera
Intra-oral cameras are used to take pictures of your teeth or other areas of your mouth. These pictures can be projected on a screen above the dental chair. This is an invaluable tool which enables you to see and understand when dental treatment is necessary.

Digital x-rays

We only use digital x-rays, which have the following benefits:

Laser Dentistry

  1. Photo-Activated Disinfection (PAD)
    PAD is used to eradicate bacteria that cause tooth decay and abscesses. Before placing a filling or sealing a root canal, we use low level laser light together with a specially designed non-toxic agent to kill any remaining bacteria, creating an ideal environment for healing.
  2. Diagnodent
    A significant amount of tooth decay, called fissure caries, is impossible to diagnose with the naked eye or x-rays, until it so far advanced that a deep filling is necessary. A deep filling very frequently leads to the need for a root canal treatment at some point in the future.

    Diagnodent is a laser “cavity finder”, alerting us to the existence of early decay, which can be treated with a small filling or sealant, without any injections, preventing the need for deep fillings.
  3. ZAP soft tissue laser

    Apart from making treatment on teeth and gums easier and more comfortable, we can also do the following:

    - Effectively treat gum disease, without surgery. In fact, laser treatment of gum disease is
       so effective, that it can even lead to re-growth of bone lost caused by this disease.
    - Treat mouth ulcers effectively.
    - Treat cold sores effectively.
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